After a long career developing inner-city playgrounds throughout North America, and as proud parents and now grand-parents. It was time to plan the next phase of our lives.We considered moving ....."downsizing". Problem was, we could not find a better place to go. The property is already in the heart of the city, close to fabulous walking/riding trails, and perfectly suited to our lifestyle.

Whether we want to ride bikes downtown, horseback ride through the park, run up the road to golf, or take in some wine tasting, Hall road is ideal.

Traveling is important to us, and the Kelowna International Airport is a short 20-25 minute drive.  

Even though the Okanagan Valley is renowned for long hot summers, we originally moved here decades ago for the amazing ski hills. 

Skiers flock to the nearby hills from all over the world. Our high altitude resorts offer dry abundant snow from Dec until April. They generally close ...not due to a lack of snow, rather, the hills can't compete with our early spring in the valley. 

Between February and April, we are often torn. "HMMMM should we go skiing, ride, or golf today?"

We considered opening a B&B. Two issues kept us from that plan. Firstly, travelers prefer having access to their own kitchen. Which tied in beautifully with our second problem. Namely, neither of us would make very good breakfast cooks.

As avid VRBO travelers over the years; it made all the sense in the world to open up our own property and simply downsize right here and join the sharing economy.

Now 3015 Hall road can be, not only our, BUT YOUR VERY OWN  "Kelowna Vacation House"

Image was taken up at Silver Star in November before lifts open. Silver Star is an easy 60 minute drive from our door. One we take 4 days a week to enjoy mild winter temperatures, abundant dry snow, and meticulously groomed trails. Heaven!!!